Conscious (2013) – By Brian Morton

Sometimes a movie is more than just a movie, so when I sat down with Conscious, I expected a short story. What I got was something much more!

Conscious is the story of a bartender who’s been sexually assaulted by a customer who she’s friends with. Now, this isn’t your run of the mill, she’s attacked and gets revenge kind of movie, Conscious is a realistic view of what goes on to a victim after the fact. We watch this woman break down before our eyes. We see all the different phases she goes through, from anger to guilt to depression. Conscious will make you feel uncomfortable through most of it’s run. And, as we think that our victim is possibly getting things together and maybe moving on….there’s a set back…just like there might be in real life.

I think that the discomfort that you feel while watching Conscious is good, sometimes life isn’t comfortable and we still have to deal with it, and it gives us a look into something at a lot of us won’t have to deal with and let’s us see that sometimes the face we put on in public is hiding something.

I’m giving Conscious  out of 4 cigars, it’s a movie that’s much more than a movie, it’s a victim’s right piece, it’s a way to teach us ‘civilians’ the pain and mental anguish that come with…and follows…these kind of crimes and it’s a great short that should be shown to anyone who works with victims. You can find out more for yourself and see this great little short by heading over to