Consider Us Even (2014) – By Loida Garcia

I’m at a loss as to where to start with this film, so I’m just going to get right down to it…

Consider Us Even is a 10:51 minute short film about revenge (if I go into anymore detail I will completely give away the plot twist). Now conceptually the story is great, even if it has been done before. If I was sitting around with friends tossing ideas back and forth regarding a story line for a movie and the idea of this film came up I would have jumped on it in a heart beat! That’s the good part.


From the very beginning of this film I was cringing. No, not from how “disturbing” this film wanted to be, instead I was cringing from how badly it was actually presented and acted. I honestly had a difficult time sitting through the entire 10 minutes of this film. The cheese factor was so extreme that it gave the Stinking Bishop (cheese) a run for its money. (I actually stopped and Googled “stinkiest cheeses” to find a good comparison…. On the plus side I may now have an idea for a new rating system!) Being in the indie film and theatre industry myself it truly does pain me to give a bad review. I always try to focus and point out the good qualities of each film, but when it comes to Consider Us Even the only “good quality” is the IDEA of the story.

The acting in this film is another mess on its own. Now I’m not saying that the actresses and actor aren’t good, I am just stating that their acting in this film was horrid. It makes the acting in 80’s zombie films seem like Academy Awarding winning work! Hades, that isn’t even a good comparison… *Takes a deep breath* I’ll just leave it at this, the acting left much (emphasis on “much”) to be desired.

The script…. *finds a wall to bang head against*…. Maybe the script is the reason for the bad acting…. maybe it’s all the script’s fault! Nothing in this script flowed properly. It felt as if it was the start of a first draft written on bar napkins after a night of heavy drinking with friends.

The only way this movie (in it’s current state) is salvageable is to pretend that it was made during a 24 Hour Film Competition. Where the cast and crew have 24 hours to brainstorm an idea, write a script, cast it, film it, and edit it all in just 24 hours…. I’ll just pretend that this was the case.

Rating Scale: Movie Theatre, Redbox Rental, or Skip It — Skip it.

Cheese Factor: Vegan (no cheese), Teleggio, Limburger, Stinking Bishop — S.B.