Coopers’ Christmas (2010) – By Brian Morton

I have a theory about families. It’s my belief that every family is dysfunction, so much so that being dysfunctional is actually normal and the families that are like The Brady Bunch are actually the minority. And, I base that on, not just my family, but other families I know or have heard about. Well, a new movie from Anchor Bay, Coopers’ Christmas, is a story about one of those families told in a pretty unique way.

The year is 1985 and the Coopers are having a Christmas party, and Dad’s bought a new gift…it’s a brand new VHS camera. So, what we’re actually seeing is a ‘found footage’ comedy, this is footage that has been found and edited together to see into this family’s past. And, this is a family worth watching, Dad is a goofball, the kids are both a bit strange and Mom seems to have a thing for Dad’s brother. And, when the family arrives, things go from weird to worse! Uncle Nick shows up…and he’s a relative that we all have in the family, a weirdo who doesn’t know how weird he actually is. And, Dave Foley is here in a small (but hysterical) part as Bill Davidson, the neighbor who sold us the camera to start with. To describe all the wackiness and zaniness that ensues from the Cooper family gathering, would not only take up way too much space, but ruin a perfectly funny movie. Suffice it to say that if you have a family and they get on your nerves, you’ll LOVE this movie!

I’m giving Coopers’ Christmas 4 out of 4 cigars, it’s a great ensemble cast that all bring their ‘A’ game to this laugh a minute movie! Grab a copy for yourself and have a laugh at your family’s expense by heading over to