Countdown: Armageddon (2009) – By Jason S. Lockard

Biblical and end time films are seeing a comeback! Well Faith Films produced such a film in Countdown: Armageddon and Echo Bridge Entertainment has released this film on Blu-ray. Let’s take a look at this Blu-ray release.

Countdown: Armageddon begins when peace has just been declared in The Middle East. After this historic event a series of natural disasters leave world nations in chaos. Allison’s (a reporter) a five-year-old daughter disappears. She believes her ex-husband Mark has kidnapped their daughter and fled to Israel. While in search of her ex-husband and daughter she uncovers a doomsday group who believe that they are living in the "end of days".

Countdown Armageddon is not the most perfectly constructed movie I’ve ever seen, but the actors really put their heart and soul into these roles and it shows. There could have been more action and the Blu-ray could have included some bonus features, there was nothing! Nor a trailer, commentary, nothing, but the video and audio quality is stellar.

In the final analysis if you love end times/biblical dramas you’ll love this one! If you would like to find out a little more about this film or you’d like to pick up a copy go to

Moral Rating: Violence
Audience: Teens and adults
Genre: Drama
Length: 92 minutes
Blu-Ray Released: 2009
Blu-Ray Rating: B+