Counter Parts (2013) – By Kirsten Walsh

Patrick Rea, director of “Nailbiter” has done it again! His latest short film, “Counter Parts” is a spooky story that tells of sisters whose dreams come true, and then fall apart. His intro follows them as children, playing with a doll while fantasizing about their futures. Beautiful cinematography paired with excellent editing and a haunting score set the tone for the film. It follows through with intriguing special effects as witchcraft and voodoo enter the film. The actresses playing the sisters did an incredible job at carrying pure venom throughout the film. The supporting cast does an excellent job supporting the sisters, but the butler stands out as carrying just enough humor to accentuate the truly vicious moments.

A quick look into the lives of the rich and famous, this film makes an excellent statement about keeping your friends close, but your enemies closer- close enough to really do damage. I enjoyed the film, clocking in at just under fifteen minutes, and I think audiences will enjoy it as well. Patrick Rea is definitely a director to watch!