Creature of the Night (2007) – By Brian Morton

 Any time you try to reinvent something, you’re treading on dangerous ground. You could find yourself happily fulfilled, or you could find yourself the brunt of ridicule and derision. Fortunately, Diane Curry’s Creature of the Night takes the werewolf to some unexpected places, without attempting a total reinvention of the genre.

In an interview with her on the DVD, Diane says that she’s trying to make werewolves sexy, and she accomplishes that…in spades! The story here is pretty simple, a musician is a rocker by day and a werewolf by night, but, he’s kept his secret very close and locks himself up during a full moon, so that no one knows his problem, all the gossip mags and tabloids merely report that he’s probably got an alcohol or drug problem because there are concert dates that he misses (that they happen to coincide with the full moon is overlooked by the media, fortunately for our hero). Well, one night, he gets loose and wakes up only to find himself next to a beautiful woman, in a panic, he kidnaps her, drags her back to his house and tries to decide what to do with her, she can’t live, she knows too much, but he’s too soft hearted to kill her in cold blood, so a hostage situation unfolds.

Creature of the Night isn’t your typical werewolf movie, there’s very little gore and the story is structured more like a romance or a soap opera than a full on horror movie. The acting is great (with the exception of the fired manager…he’s a bit wooden!) and the story is good. Ms. Curry obviously knows her limitations and doesn’t attempt to go overboard on the special effects and blood, relying more on story to get across the horror. Creature of the Night is extremely effective considering it’s low budget, I have to admire Ms. Curry for sticking to her concept and not getting dragged into the ‘it’s a werewolf, we need to rip someone’s throat out’ school. Her werewolves are wildly different than anything I’ve seen before and it’s a breath of fresh air to a genre that’s (let’s face it) a bit stale.

If you’d like to check out Creature of the Night for yourself, you can get it by heading over to the Fall Forward Entertainment MySpace page.  If you’re a fan of werewolves or are just looking for something different and good, then Creature of the Night might be for you! So, until next time, when, once again, I’ll be howling at the TV screen, remember that the best movies are bad movies.