Creep Van (2012) – By Brian Morton

Everyone knows that a windowless van means trouble. But, in a new movie from Scott McKinlay, Creep Van, trouble is the least of the problems!

Campbell is a normal 20-something guy, just trying to find a job, get his life on track and maybe, just maybe buy a car so he doesn’t have to take the bus. When Campbell sees an old, rusty van for sale, he calls the number but there’s no answer and he gives up on buying it. Only, now, the owner of the van has his number and begins to stalk him. What does he want from Campbell and why does anyone who comes in contact with the van end up dead? Well, it’s a long story….but a good movie!

Creep Van manages to capture (mostly) the feel of a real 80s slasher movie. There’s plenty of gore and nudity and the story is cryptic enough to be enjoyable. The only problem I really had with the whole movie was that, in the end, I never really found out why the van’s original owner was on a killing spree, but, there is an ending that left me satisfied and wondering what might be next….hopefully, Mr. McKinlay and company will give us a sequel and fill in some of the blanks. I’m giving Creep Van 4 out of 4 cigars, while it’s not perfect; it’s still an amazing horror movie that does capture the fun and the scares of a great drive-in movie from the 80s! Find out more…and get in the van yourself…by heading over to