Creepers (2014) – By Loida Garcia

Much like in Tales From The Crypt, Creepers opens up on a dark and dreary house where we meet our story teller and his guest.  As the two await dinner to be ready our handsome (and yet, extremely odd and creepy) host lures us into four different stories.

The first story we’re told over a glass of wine is Of A Promise Broken.  Out of all the four this was by far the best!  Instead of opening with this story I feel that it should have been saved for last being that the others couldn’t even compare.  Of A Promise Broken was well acted, had a fantastic story line, it was well written, and beautifully designed.  All around entertaining and fantastic!

The second story we are entertained with is Bernice.  It’s a modern adaptation of one of Poe’s writings.  Being a lover of Poe as a child I was really excited when I first saw the title come up.  Unfortunately is was rather disappointing, mostly due to the acting.  Out of the entire skit the only decent (actually more than decent) actor was Thomas Mendolia who played Edward.  The rest are either too flat or overacting (in the worst way).  It honestly felt awkward to watch.

After a short discussion regarding technology we are introduced to our third story, Gave Up The Ghost.  This skit is presented in a narrated format (one of the only decent parts of it).  Unfortunately, just as with the second skit, the acting is just not up to par.  It is over dramatic and cheesy at best.  The overall look of the film seems/feels like it was filmed with an old personal film recorder.  Everything about it screams home movie.  On the plus side the sound quality was great and the concept of the storyline was pretty amusing (at least at the end).  I’ve always said computers have a mind of their own!

We are finally brought to the fourth and final story before dinner, By The Hair Of The Head.  Normally I enjoy movies with large amounts of dialogue, but just like the previous two skits this one falls short as well.  This short story is so boring and flat that I keep phasing out and finding myself playing around on my computer.  I really wanted to like this one, it’s about dolls AND voodoo!  One would think it’s the perfect mix that couldn’t go wrong, unfortunately it’s not the case.

*Sigh of relief*  Finally, dinner is ready….

Overall I find Creepers to be a decently fun movie, just as most other horror anthologies.  Something to watch on a rainy dreary day while you play on your phone, or perhaps in the background of a party.  (But please pay attention to the first story!)

My Personal Review:

Rating Scale:  Movie Theatre, Redbox Rental, or Skip It — Redbox Rental

Cheese Factor:  Vegan (no cheese), Teleggio, Limburger, Stinking Bishop — Limburger