Cured (2016) – Jim Morazzini


Diseases and epidemics are staples of genre cinema, Cured looks at what happens once their over and people try to rebuild their lives. A fourteen minute short, Cured centers around Amy (Stephanie Saji) who has returned home from quarantine and her wife Alice (Emily Fradenburgh). The difficulty of moving forward from what has happened is made harder by a visit from Alice’s family. Her mother (Nancy Marvy) in particular refers to Amy as “that creature upstairs”.

Cutting between the present and flashbacks to what happened while Amy was infected the film manages to build both emotional drama and suspense thanks to a solid script and excellent performances from the leads. By not going for some shocks Cured becomes a thought provoking look at the after effects of tragedy, loss and guilt.

Currently playing festivals where it should find some success, Cured is a short that’s worth tracking down. It will be interesting to see where director Adam Zuehlke and his co-writer J.E. Clarke go from here.




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