Cut to Black (2013) – By Misty Layne

“Bill Ivers, a disgraced former cop, is hired by a wealthy former friend to help the friend’s estranged daughter who is being harassed by a stalker. Soon Bill finds himself interceding in her complicated life – that of an exotic dancer caught between the crushing debt of a dangerous loan shark and the specter of her father’s shadowy past of political corruption. Cut to Black is a story of desperate people living in the wake of bad choices, trying to make the most of what’s left of their time in this world.”

Written and directed by Brooklyn auteur Dan Eberle, Cut to Black is a gorgeous piece of cinematography, shot in luscious black and white, a nod to film noir set against a gritty story of the modern era. Words simply cannot describe how beautiful this movie is, everything in stark contrast, Holga style. It works so incredibly well that I can’t imagine watching this movie in color. The most beautiful scenes are the scenes of Jessica, the daughter and exotic dancer, wearing very little in black whispering “Tell me your secret”. These scenes are absolutely stunning.

The acting is strong here – everyone in the film does an amazing job with their characters. Each character is appropriately moody, distracted, desperate. Each character is fighting their way through disease or loneliness or despair or a combination, fighting to live their lives…Did I mention that the story is pretty darn fabulous as well? Because it is. It’s not a new story necessarily but it’s told in a new way with a combination of past and present that works in an almost magical manner.

Cut to Black is a must for any fan of drama or film noir. Taut, tense and full of intrigue, it captures the attention and doesn’t let go till the very end. You can learn more about Cut to Black by visiting the film’s website or Twitter.