Cyrus: Mind of a Serial Killer (2010) – By Brian Morton

Serial killer movies are a dime a dozen, so to make one that’s different and really leaves you feeling like you need a shower is quite a feat. And that’s a feat that writer/director Mark Vadik has done with his latest, Cyrus: Mind of a Serial Killer.

Cyrus seems to be a fairly normal guy, we see that he’s had a pretty bad childhood and that he was held in a prison camp in Vietnam, but he seems to have bounced back pretty well. He bought a farm and is looking forward to raising his son with his wife. The trouble starts when his wife doesn’t want to live on a farm, and it just gets worse and worse from there, ending with Cyrus with quite a bit of blood on his hands…and shirt…and pants…and every place else! You see, Cyrus’ wife left him and that’s what caused him to snap…now, Cyrus pretty much keeps to himself, but if you cross his path, you might not walk away.

Brian Krause is AMAZING as Cyrus; his blend of normal farmer demeanor with bursts of serial killer mania is pitch perfect. It gets to the point that Krause only has to be on screen for you to feel tension. And, there’s tension aplenty here, Vadik starts the tale (told through the eyes of a news crew looking into a series of killings) in a very simple way and then builds the tension until you’ll find your fingers digging into the arms of the chair before the movie is half over. And Krause isn’t the only person making this movie excellent either, there’s Danielle Harris as the reporter who’s sticking her nose where it really doesn’t belong and the always amazing Lance Henrikson as Emmett, Cyrus’ ‘biographer’…for lack of a better term.

Cyrus is a great serial killer movie, it’s got everything you’re looking for, gore, scares, tension…and of course, it’s all very believable, which makes it just that much more threatening! I’m giving Cyrus: Mind of a Serial Killer 4 out of 4 cigars, it’s the best serial killer movie I’ve seen this year and it sets the bar very, very high! Don’t miss this one, head over to right now and grab a copy!