Cyxork 7 (2006) – By Brian Morton

 The sci-fi genre is ripe for parody, we all know it, we’ve all seen it, and when I read about Cyxork 7, that’s kind of what I expected, but I was very happily disappointed! This is a movie that doesn’t parody the genre, it parodies the entire industry with style, flair and, most of all, a load of fun!

The story here is pretty cool (and recognizable today), the Cyxork franchise has fallen on hard times after 6 sequels the franchise hasn’t been doing so well, but it’s still popular with the fans. So, when an internet chat room generates a new script, filmmakers find a financer to make the movie, the problem is the budget is low, so, taking the initiative after learning of an impending disaster, our intrepid film crew travels to the desert to film during the earthquake to take advantage of the ‘free special effects’! Now, that’s just the starting point for this great movie, Cyxork 7 is more about film making than about parodying the genre in particular. The star is an ego-maniac, the director is not interested in moving the franchise forward as much as she’s interested in making ‘art’ and the rest of the crew are trying to forward their own agenda’s, rather than the films.

Writer/director John Huff (a former Hollywood insider himself) takes Cxzork 7 to the next level, the characters are well drawn and the situations ring true…even to those of us on the outside looking in. Cyxork 7 is a movie that deserves a cult following, and, if it’s released widely enough, I’m sure it will! I’m giving Cyxork 7 four out of four cigars, because it’s one of those rare movies that you can watch over and over again and see new things every time you watch it. The cast, led by Ray Wise is great, newcomer Sonya Smith is an actress that I’m sure we’ll see more of, and, who knows, maybe there’s a Cyxork 8 out there somewhere?! You can check out Cyxork 7 for yourself by heading over to Cyxork to find out more about this excellent movie and where you can see it for yourself. So, until next time, remember that if you let your ego run away with you, you might find yourself being driven by an out of control maniac, and also remember that the best movies are bad movies.