Dahmer Vs. Gacy (2011) – By Cary Conley

Project X-13 is a top secret bioweapons project sponsored by the U.S. government. Taking DNA from the sickest, most depraved serial killers the world has ever known and cloning the murderers to use as mindless weapons, each successive clone is more dangerous than the last. Eventually, two of the clones, Dahmer and Gacy, escape the facility and wreak havoc on California. While the military argues about whether or not to release the most dangerous criminal clone to stalk Dahmer and Gacy, a lunatic who keeps hearing God talking to him decides to take on the two murderers himself.

Sound like classic B-movie fare? Well, that’s exactly what Dahmer Vs. Gacy is. More comedy than anything else and with tongue planted firmly in cheek, screenwriter Andrew Rausch and director Ford Austin have created an over-the-top homage to bad sci-fi and horror films. The film itself looks good and is chock full of hilariously bad and extraordinarily bloody special effects. When throats are slit or torsos severed, tens of gallons of blood squirt and pour forth in crazy, cartoonish style. But while there is plenty of gore, it’s never realistic enough to create disgust–witness the plastic baby doll covered in blood laying on the swing set after one killer makes his way through the yard.

The entire film is punctuated with "live" broadcasts from California Channel 1, with commentary from the studio as well as interviews with the public, "man on the street" style. These scenes are actually my favorites as the interviews are hilarious. One interview is with a group of California beauties who idolize serial killers and wear sexy shirts that sport "I (heart) serial killers." Perhaps the most genius aspect of these scenes is the constant scroll at the bottom of the screen with hilarious tidbits lampooning everything from the Pope to Michael Bay ("Bay announces he will make his next film and its remake back-to-back…"). I especially enjoyed the bit about the Weinstein’s announcing "Feast 4, 5, and 6 will be produced back-to-back-to-back." (Hey, I loved those flicks!)

Unfortunately, the film does begin to wear about an hour in. You have to be in the right frame of mind to truly enjoy all the hi-jinks, like our crazy God-talking cowboy who fights ninjas that appear for absolutely no reason (and those ninjas appear a second time later on, too). And that frame of mind is most likely found on the other side of a 12-pack about 3 AM on a Saturday morning with a group of drunken friends. This is certainly a movie to be enjoyed with a rowdy audience as opposed to viewing it in the quiet and solitude of your own home. And while the film should definitely be classified as a comedy, the over-the-top violence and strong sexual situations (after all, Dahmer was gay) are unsuitable for younger audiences.

If you are a fan of crazy, loony, B-movies and enjoy watching films to catch the little in-jokes, then you might want to give this disc a whirl–it’s got something for almost everyone. The film has just been released by Walking Shadows and is distributed through Virgil Films. It streets on May 10, so keep a lookout for this crazy horror-comedy-spoof.