Damaged (2014) – By Loida D Garcia

Secrets, we all have them.  Have you ever sat down and taken a moment to think about what kind of secrets the people in your life may just be hiding?  Everyone has a little Pandora’s box tucked away where they keep all of those secrets hidden.  What if we could listen in to those secrets?  Would you be shocked at what you find out about your cubicle mate?  How about your grocery clerk?  

Damaged allows us to listen in to those secrets.  We are given the key to the Pandora’s box of six different individuals who have either worked together or whose lives have crossed in some way.  We get to sit back and play therapist as we listen to each confession as if it was being recounted just for us.  

Overall Damaged has a wonderful concept, not only in it’s story but also in the way that it was filmed.  We never truly see the interactions of the characters, instead we get to spend one on one time with each of them as they reveal to us their darkest of secrets.  This is achieved in a way that gives off the feeling that we are watching their personal video diaries/monologues.

It was refreshing to get to see these actors portray their characters in a strictly expressionist method.  We never saw them speak, only react to their own voice overed voices.  This new take was rather refreshing.  I did find that some of the camera angles chosen were not the best and brought the quality of the film down.  The story lines also weren’t all that clear when it came to the way that the characters were connected.  It left me having to guess a lot and make some assumptions in the end due to a lack of clarity.  I wouldn’t necessarily see it as a final draft but more of a late rough draft that just needs a little bit more work.

Overall I feel that this is an interesting film that touches upon a topic that we all wonder about.  And regardless of it not feeling completely finished and the bit of confusion of the connection between the characters I find that it warrants a watch.  So grab your popcorn and start asking yourself “what is my darkest secret?”.  

My Personal Review:

Rating Scale:  Movie Theatre, Redbox Rental, or Skip It — Redbox Rental

Cheese Factor:  Vegan (no cheese), Taleggio, Limburger, Stinking Bishop — Taleggio