Damned By Dawn (2009) – By Brian Morton

When a movie says that it’s ‘in the spirit of’ The Evil Dead, I’m always a bit suspect. After all, who could match the originality & wit that Sam Raimi brought to his masterpiece? Well, a new Australian movie, Damned By Dawn, manages to get as close as I’ve ever seen!

Claire is going home to see her Nana, who’s very I’ll. When she gets there, everyone is acting a bit weird. Well, Nana’s not expected to live much longer & Claire has an urn that Nana insists will be important soon. That evening, there’s a strange shrieking outside, and when the men in the house go to investigate, the sound moves closer to home!

The shriek is the cry of a banshee, a creature who’s come for Nana’s soul! Well, Claire catches the banshee and tosses it out a window! Now, in retaliation, the dead are unleashed and they’re not gonna rest until every soul in the house is harvested!

Damned By Dawn is as close to the tone and feel of the original Evil Dead as I’ve ever seen. The tone is great, the story is good and the overall feel of the movie is very ‘Raimi-esque’. I’m giving Damned By Dawn 4 out of 4 cigars, it’s scary, it’s a bit gory and it’s just scary good fun! Grab a copy of your…or else be Damned By Dawn…by heading over to http://www.image-entertainment.com.