Danos del Amor (love hurts) (2006) – By Jordan Garren

 After seeing the trailer for Steve Kahn’s danos del amor (love hurts) (henceforth known as DDA) on Youtube.com, I needed to see the entire movie! As it turns out, Steve Kahn was looking for a second opinion of his thirteen-minute short here at Rogue Cinema, so I was more than happy to oblige. (I guess the planets aligned in my favor at that precise moment! Woohoo!) Weeks later, the DVD came in the mail and I sat down to watch this flick with the highest degree of anticipation possible. DDA is the tale of a young couple: Mike Bender (played by writer, producer, editor, director Steve Kahn) and Ami (played by the extremely beautiful … America Young? Yeesh, sounds like a porn name… but I like it!).

The first chunk of the film is a montage of these two enjoying the time they share together and it’s done very well. Steve Kahn effectively showed onscreen how a young couple in love really acts and that’s something that’s missing from a lot of movies. But unfortunately (for Bender) all good things must come to an end. Toward the end of the film’s lovey-dovey montage, Mike and Ami come across a young Colombian girl (Carolina Manrique) that’s dancing in the street. Mike begins dancing with the girl, much to Ami’s chagrin and soon he is dragged away by his possessive girlfriend.

Mike manages to sneak back and talk with the Latin beauty only to be dragged off once again by his angry girlfriend. Later Mike goes over to visit his best buddy and reveals that Ami broke up with him after accusing him of cheating! With a bruised eye and a bruised ego, Mike ventures downtown with his best friend (who apparently can only say "bitches") and they both run into Ami and her new boyfriend. Soon, words are exchanged and a kung-fu brawl breaks out in the middle of the street! Mike’s buddy is taken out early, and watches from the sidelines as the formerly happy couple have a showdown in the street.

Rather than ruin the climax of this fun short film, I will instead force you to guffaw and/or groan in annoyance. If you want to see how the movie ends, then you best find yourself a copy of DDA. And you should because this is a well-crafted, fast paced, action-packed, romantic comedy! The fight choreography is well above par, the music is awesome, there’s plenty of eye candy, and at only thirteen minutes, the movie never drags or suffers from any unnecessary padding! (And I freakin’ loved how Ami and Mike’s thoughts were subtitled during the final showdown. Has that even been done before?!)

danos del amor (love hurts) is (as far as I know) not yet available for public consumption (though I could be wrong… and often am ;-). However, if I am incorrect on this matter, then the DVD is definitely worth picking up. The film is featured in 16:9 widescreen and the audio is fairly clean and clear, though at times, some of the dialogue was a bit muffled. As for extra features, the only thing on the DVD (other than the movie) is its theatrical trailer. I was quite impressed with DDA and I’ve watched it repeatedly. It’s a whole lot of fun and I can’t wait to see what else Steve Kahn has planned for his future films. Keep up the awesome work Steve, and God Bless America….. Young. 😉

For additional information about the film feel free to visit the official danos del amor (love hurts) Myspace Page!