Dark Night Of The Soul (Special Edition) (2003) – By Brian Morton

 Cemeteries. They have the power to both attract and repel. Who among us hasn’t wandered into a cemetery? Whether it’s to scare your girlfriend, a bet with friends or just a challenge to yourself, we’ve all done it at one time or another. And that’s what happens in Dark Night Of The Soul.

Dark Night Of The Soul is the tale of four college kids who wander into the ‘unknown cemetery’ only to find it occupied not by ghosts or the living dead, but by a bizarre cult. Shawn and his band of drugged up followers attack and ‘initiate’ our unsuspecting college students using the ‘opium of the darkness’. The problem with Dark Night Of The Soul isn’t the horror, but the lack thereof. The idea of a cult attacking and killing people isn’t a particularly new one, but it still has enough unplumbed depths to be interesting in the right hands. Dark Night Of The Soul spends more time using unusual meta-physical banter that confuses the viewer more than it makes the cult seems strange and scary. Shawn, the cult leader spends more time talking about the ‘opium of the darkness’ and the ‘mental plane’ than he does in actually terrorizing his ‘initiates’.

Dark Night Of The Soul is more like the great start of a film than a film itself. We have all the elements, the ‘unknown cemetery’, a drugged up cult following a crazy man, a group of unsuspecting college kids, it just never seems to gel. Now, don’t think this is a stinker, the acting is top notch and the look of the movie is good, the story is what seems to lack. The filmmakers spend more time on the sex and drug aspect of the cult than the ultimate horror that is inflicted on the victims. Dark Night Of The Soul has the feel of a first movie made by a film maker, it has most of the pieces, but the ones missing are sorely missed here.

To check out Dark Night Of The Soul for yourself head on over to The Dragonfly Group or Cut Throat Video and see for yourself. And until next time when I’ll join a cult, hang in a cemetery and terrorize unsuspecting college kids, remember that the best movies are bad movies.