Dark Romance (2013) – By Brian Morton

Office romances can be tricky, after all, we all know the saying about dipping your pen in the company ink, don’t we? Well, a new short by Matthew Mahler, Dark Romance, gives us one reason why you might want to keep you ‘pen’ to yourself.

Tim is getting cute little gifts from a secret admirer. He’s a bit curious, and quite flattered, but when a final, disturbing gift arrives, Tim decides that it might be time to call in the authorities. This only makes things worse! The secret admirer reveals herself and things turn quite…pardon the pun…dark.

Mahler has crafted a wonderful 7 minute short that captures the dark side of office romances perfectly…and then ends with a short scene that will have you thinking of the people you work with! I won’t give it away, but let’s say, if you’ve ever worked in an office, you’ll want to see this!

I’m giving Dark Romance 4 out of 4 cigars, it’s fun, scary and a bit funny all at the same time! But don’t just trust me, see it for yourself by heading over to http://vimeo.com/67556332.