Dark Wake (2013) – By Tiffany Apan

A little while back, I reviewed my first two Bruce Kohler films, 19 Doors and Endgame. There was a lot I enjoyed about both of those films so when I was then given DarkWake to review, I was definitely looking forward to seeing it.

Dark Wake is a Crime Thriller/Drama/Mystery written by Jaqueline Druga Johnson and directed and edited by Bruce Kohler. The film’s plot opens with a local fisherman discovering a body in the water as he wraps up a fishing excursion. Detective Jake Dalton (Gary Horner) is called to investigate the scene and ends up with much more than he originally anticipated as many secrets about the town, it’s residents, and the lake itself begin to unravel and the body count continues to rise.

I will say first that the production quality for Dark Wake is quite good. The picture is sharp, the sound is consistent, and there’s no “shaky camera” (which also has a tendency to even sneak its way into some Hollywood budget films). This made it very easy to watch. The script that Ms. Johnson wrote is also very gripping with many twists and turns that leave you wanting to sit until the end to find out how everything comes together. Also, a job well done to Bruce Kohler for bringing Ms. Johnson’s work to life with a team of very competent actors. This is one I recommend checking out if you are looking for a good mystery or crime thriller.

Dark Wake is available on DVD and Download at Amazon.

Starring Ina Block, Gary Horner, Brendan McCormack, and Victor Kuehn