Day of Vengeance (2010) – By Katie Wynne

His father was killed when a robbery went bad, now young Jake Reid is traveling back to the scene of the crime, Covelo, California to recover the loot that was never found. Sounds like the beginning to a good old fashioned western, and I didn’t even mention the escaped prisoner who’s out to claim what’s “rightfully” his. Well, if that style suits you, then grab your favorite blue jeans, hop into that pickup and get ready for a bullet-ridden adventure.

The script is good, and I mean that son. Multiple times I found myself picturing Eastwood saying something along the same lines as the actors, and that’s why this film gets my vote. This is a movie you might have seen thirty years ago – sure the cast may be different, the set and scenery modern, but the heart of those films beats in this beauty.

I’m thoroughly impressed by the commitment that filmmaker Isaac Pingree, born and raised in Alameda, displayed in Day of Vengeance. Sure, it gets a little campy at times, but don’t most movies of the genre? Yes, they do and you know it.
Filled with guns, fun visual effects and an entirely lovable cast, Day of Vengeance provides all the fixings of a great modern western. Do yourself a favor and give it a shot (pun intended) at today.