Dead Body Man II: Seperation Anxiety (2006)

 You know, there’s a lot to be said about a flick that features a DVD menu selection screen where a guy berates you repeatedly about having sexual intercourse with a series of chickens, and how you should make a selection quickly… so that chickens can be molested. Or something like that. Actually, thinking about it, there’s really not a whole lot to be said about that. I think the film kind of speaks for itself in those terms. All it takes is watching about two minutes of the introduction of Dead Body Man II, and you know just what you have in store for you. We’re talking some of the most foul mouthed, utterly bizarre and totally insane filmmaking I think I’ve probably seen. Having never seen the original Dead Body Man, like just about everyone else on the planet, I can’t say I really knew what I was getting into with such a film. Even now, lord knows just what I finished watching. There’s a seriously demented, and immensly over the top sense of humor to the film that I can say is definitely exclusive to these filmmakers. Basically, imagine necrophilia – with a cross-eyed woman, and that’s basically where Dead Body Man 2 comes in. Oh, and lots of chicken sex jokes. Lots and lots of chicken sex and fart jokes. Sure, it’s Jr. High grade humor with a seriously demented curveball thrown in, but I have to say it’s probably the first time I’ve ever seen it taken to such lengths. It could be the new "Troma style" for a new generation, of course that may be putting things a bit over the top, but no matter what you can say about the film – I think these guys are onto something. I also think Willie the Dead Body Man (Eddie Benevich) stands a very good chance of being a pretty popular cult figure if given the right promotion. In the era of Jackass, Wildboyz and Bam Margera’s wildly popular stints on television (who can’t really help but be brought up in any review of the film, since our leading man Willie the Dead Body Man looks very similar to the Viva La Bam star); it’s only a matter of time before the Indie horror world is dominated by equally as insane of filmmakers.

After having watched the very interesting "making of" feature on the DVD, it’s amazing to me that the film was in as controlled an environment as it actually was. Granted, it still appears that a lot of the film was made up as it went along – as it shows in the doc. a girl actually shows up working on the film without even knowing the name of the film or what it’s really all about – but there actually was a script, discussions are shown with the original script being altered, lines being discussed, etc. So it wasn’t just simply guerilla "run in and act crazy" filmmaking as I had began to worry throughout a lot of the film. It sure can feel like that, but even in the midst of all the chaos it makes me feel better to know that there actually was a director there holding things back and making choices that helped facilitate the cast into delivering a single vision. If nothing else, these gentlemen at Fourth Floor Pictures take chaos and do their best to make it as sane as possible. It’s as if you had a bunch of guys get in together and list off their favorite things (those being boobs, blood, cursing and three stooges-esque slapstick) and they did their best to implement their list into every frame of their movie. I realize this isn’t going to be for everyone, heck it won’t be for most anyone, but for what it’s worth Dead Body Man is just weird and funny enough to grasp the audiences that are looking for something as bizarre as an early John Waters film mixed with the abrasive and offensive humor of the old Night of the Creeps website. In this day and age, flicks like this really don’t fly – what with all the college kids being nancy boys too busy being non-offensive to get in their vegan tree hugging girlfriend’s panties, it truly is refreshing to see a group of guys simply being guys… that also means being completely vulgar, rude and obnoxious to a point; but I can’t say I’ve never been that way and don’t often find it uproariously funny.

So as it is, I’m nearly 800 words into this review and I haven’t even given a description of just what in the world is going on plot-wise with this flick. Truth be told, at times I was pretty lost myself so I can’t really say there’s a whole lot to keep track of – but essentially we’re given a walk through the daily activities of Willie – The Dead Body Man. What is a Dead Body Man? Well, I guess he’s sort of like your average garbage man – but instead he picks up recently murdered dead bodies to dispose of. Then of course, if the lady (or animal, because Willie LOVES to get down on the farm) is fine enough, he’ll have his way with the cold dead mamasita. Yeah, a bit disturbing – but it’s not Willie’s fault, he’s obviously missing a few screws. That and God simply won’t leave him alone about killing people. No, the good lord isn’t chastizing old Willie for falling off the wagon (I think Willie is a murder-a-holic, but at least he tries to do better) and killing a few innocent people now and again – he’s trying his best to persuade Willie to hack through as many sinners as possible. Then of course there are about a dozen subplots it seems, one involving an ex-girlfriend of Willie’s coming back into the picture (and smashing the heads of a couple of hicks with her giant breasts), a trip to a local farm for Willie (where you can guess what happens), Willie’s brother being decapitated and having his talking head put in a bowling ball bag (one of the funniest characters in the film I might add) and a couple of crackheaded prostitutes willing to do anything for some rock. Well, technically Willie offers them flour, which looks like cocaine – but really I think it would have been better to just take some rocked up sugar (like the kind you get after spilling water/coffee on it) and using it as crack instead. I dunno, I’m just pretty stuck up when it comes to deciphering crack from pre-cooked cocaine… I’m betting at this point most readers are probably wondering if I’m not a crackhead myself, but no, no I am not… unless anyone is in the Louisiana area, look me up, let’s party!

Although I haven’t had the opportunity to talk with any of the people over at 4th Floor, they seem like really easy going people who are up for a good laugh. I know DBM2 is going to be for a pretty specific audience, I can’t help but think it’s the sort of flick that is just crazy enough to really catch on if enough people get out there and see it. I mean if that Rocky Horror Picture flick can get a whole group of people dressing like chicks, I don’t see why Dead Body Man 2: Seperation Anxiety shouldn’t at least get a couple of people quoting a few memorable lines now and then. I believe the film will be available through, but keep up with the 4th Floor website and support the indy scene with a flick that may shock you. Sure, the special effects aren’t the greatest, nor is the acting and heck; maybe it IS juvenile – but c’mon, there’s boobs, there’s blood and Santa gets his wig split. If you’re not sold on it at this point, well, I’m just dissapointed with the demographic we’re pulling in here at RC. You people and your "maturity", good riddance to you!… I of course speak only for Josh Samford, film reviewer extrordinaire and not on behalf of Rogue Cinema or any productions or offshoots within said conglomerate. Rogue Cinema however does support Dead Body Man 2: Seperation Anxiety and urges all of you to shell out some green and pick the movie up when it’s available – because what else have you got to spend your money on other than a flick where a dude has intercourse with a cow?