Dead By Dawn (2009) – By Brian Morton

They say that a slasher movie is a slasher movie is a slasher movie and, for the most part, that’s true. But, when an indie slasher movie is done right, you’ve got something pretty cool! That’s what Brennan Steele has with his new movie, Dead By Dawn.

The story here is pretty much what you’d expect, a group of teens head to a deserted house, in the middle of nowhere, to party for the weekend. And the party is going pretty good, until a masked maniac shows up and begins killing them off one by one…that always ruins a party, by the way. Now, while you might say, hey, I’ve seen this scenario a dozen times, what makes this special? What does make this cool is that it’s done on such a low budget, but manages not to just be ‘that guy in a mask movie’, there’s more to this movie.

Let’s start with the cast, everyone is great, the acting is a bit forced at times, but I chalk that up to inexperience rather than amateurish. The story is good, Steels takes the slasher genre and adds a bit of a twist at the end…and there’s a set up for a sequel that I’d love to see! I’m giving Dead By Dawn three out of four cigars, the only problem I had with the whole movie was that the special effects could have used a bit of work…but I blame that on the budget more than anything else, and it didn’t ruin my enjoyment of the movie! You can find out more about Dead By Dawn by heading over to the Dead By Dawn MySpace page.