Dead On Appraisal (2014) – By Brian Morton

I’ve always thought that first time directors should probably stick to either short films or anthology movies. This gives them a chance to test the waters of storytelling, while not being bogged down with trying to keep the story interesting for 90 minutes. It’s a good way to get to know film without getting caught up in details, tell your story and get out. Well, that theory seems to be proven by a new movie from Brain Damage Films, Dead On Appraisal.

Dead On Appraisal is the story of a poor real estate agent who just can’t unload a house, mostly because it’s either haunted or possessed, but it’s not a good place to live. The story of the house is told through 3 short stories and the wrap around featuring the agent and his girlfriend. We first meet a group of friends who are partying, except one friend is obsessed with bugs, an obsession that might prove fatal for everyone in the house! Then there the father who’s son is home from the war and having some problems that might be worse than either of them think. Then there’s the rocker, who’s going to use the house to make his great album, only to have either a bad drug reaction or a psychotic break and winds up with a different kind of axe in his hand! It’s all held together by the tale of our poor agent, and in the end, the house might get to him too.

Dead On Appraisal is an interesting anthology movie, no two stories are alike, and each has its own director, so you get a nice variety…think of it as a Whitman’s Sampler of movies, everyone is a bit different, but all are good in its own way. They’re all definitely low budget, but each does the most with its budget, whether it’s just creepy mood lighting and camera use, or over the top gore effects, each has its charm! I’m giving Dead On Appraisal 3 out of 4 cigars, it’s probably not for everyone, but if you love to see good solid first-timer work, then you’ll enjoy this! Find out more and buy the house for yourself by heading over to