Dead Space: Aftermath (2010) – By Brian Morton

Usually when you get a movie that’s an ‘add on’ to a video game, it feels like it. Like you should play the game to understand what’s going on. Well, in the new ‘add on’ movie, Dead Space: Aftermath, you really don’t get that feeling…this is a ‘video game’ movie that actually feels like a movie.

This sequel (to both the original movie and videogame) starts with a rescue of the survivors from the original ship, the Ishimura. When the four survivors are returned to the rescue ship, the O’Bannon, it seems that there’s more going on than meets the eye. Some covert operation wants the fragments of the object that ultimately destroyed the crew of the Ishimura…and they’re willing to do anything to get the fragments.

As the movie moves between computer animation to anime style, the stories get better and better. Each survivor is questioned about what happened, and each tells a variation of the tale…and each is told in a different animation style by a different director. Ordinarily, the switch between styles would be jarring and, most likely, annoy me, but in Dead Space: Aftermath, it really feels like it makes the story better…after all, each tale is from a different perspective, and would seem different in the telling.

While I haven’t played the games (which would probably give me a better insight on the movie), I still enjoyed this movie. It’s cool sci-fi/horror and the animation changes make the movie feel like it’s moving very quickly. I may actually have to grab the game after this.

I’m giving Dead Space: Aftermath 3 1/2 out of 4 cigars, it’s not for everyone, but if you enjoy sci-fi or like the games then this is a ‘must see’ movie! Visit Dead Space for yourself by heading over to