Deadly Beloved (2010) – By Brian Morton

Going to a wedding can be an uncomfortable situation. But, when you’re friends with the bride and don’t even know the groom, the situation is rife with bad possibilities! That’s where we start in the new movie from Gregori Holderbach, Deadly Beloved.

Five friends head to a lonely mansion to celebrate the wedding of their friend to a man none of them has ever met. Everything seems fine…if a bit unusual…until one of the friends begins seeing a ghostly girl appear. It seems that the ghost, Victoria, was killed in the house years ago, and is trying to warn the friends about something that’s wrong. All the friends find it strange that the groom has no friends at the wedding and he seems to fit the description of the ‘evil brother’ in Victoria’s diary! Is the groom really trying to kill them? Can they convince their friend that something is really wrong before she marries someone who may or may not be a killer? I guess you’ll just have to grab this movie to find out.

Deadly Beloved is an amazing little indie movie. The cast is all great, the story is tense and keeps you wondering what is going on right till the end, and its well worth your time. I’m giving Deadly Beloved 3 out of 4 cigars, it’s not perfect and it does drag a bit through the middle, but it still more than worth your time. If you love a good ghost story, then you’re going to love Deadly Beloved! You can find out more by heading to