Defarious (2017) – By Misty Layne


I have so many questions about this short film, I don’t even know where to start. Maybe I’ll just go with ….MISTY’S THOUGHTS AS SHE WATCHED:

・ Why did this short open with Matthew 10:28, a bible verse that had nothing to do with the film?
・ Why is that girl sleeping with jewelry on? Like, the bracelet I can forgive, but that huge honkin’ ring she’s wearing she should’ve definitely taken off because she’s bound to scratch up her face in her sleep with that thing. Jeez.
・ Why is she sleeping in jean shorts?? Who does that? She’s in a house so I’m assuming she had actual pajamas available to her?
・ Oh noes! There’s a lamp cord on the floor! Why is she so confused by this?
・ I’m impressed with her ability to sob on cue for, like, 5 seconds, then stop.
・ Why is she now wandering around this insanely-large-for-one-person house? Does she hear that incredibly loud, screechy “something scary is about to happen” music too??
・ Hey look! There’s a scary guy! Oh wait…credits say he’s a clown? K, clowns are terrifying, yo, but this guy ain’t no clown. He looks more like the guy from SCREAM except his face is grey and it’s not a mask, it’s just his face.
・ Um…I’m pretty sure she would actually be dead now. She just got stabbed and pushed over the 2nd floor railing by Mr. I-Am-Not-A-Clown, and now she’s getting up. HOW? I think someone’s taking this whole “get knocked down, get back up on your feet” thing a little too far…
・ Awwww, her mom’s an angel! Ooohhhh, a teasing angel apparently. That’s great, just appear there with your white light and make your daughter think she’s safe and then poof away? Who does that?
・ And….now Mr. I-Am-Not-A-Clown is ripping the chick’s insides out. I don’t think she’s gonna get up from this one, guys…
・ And…it’s over. Someone please explain to me what just happened?

So yeah. I dunno WHAT that was all about. I decided to make up my own story for it though, and decided that either a) the girl is being haunted by her mom (and guilt) because she killed her, or b) she and her mom were in an accident and SHE’S the one who’s dead, not her mom, and now she’s in Hell, but she doesn’t know and so every night she gets her guts ripped open by this dude for some reason. What d’ya think?

If you’d like to take a look at DEFARIOUS and see if you can figure it out, you can go HERE. Good luck!