Defending the Chastity (2017) – By Philip Smolen


Local loser, cemetery worker (and murderer) Slim Duffy (writer/director Matt Enos) is having a tough time of it. He just wants to quietly go about his life, but now he’s being bothered by the local town pervert J.T. Smash (Mike Urchin). Smash has taken a shine to Duffy because he believes that Duffy will be unable to do anything about his advances. So he starts coming on to Duffy, going so far as to send risqué photos of himself to the graveyard worker. Duffy is horrified and tries to tell Smash that he’s not interested, but that doesn’t deter the miscreant. Things keep getting worse until Smash decides to break into Duffy’s tiny little home one night and take advantage of him. But Smash gets the surprise of his life when he discovers that Duffy never sleeps alone.

“Defending the Chastity” is the second installment of Matt Enos’s Slim Duffy film saga, the first being 2016’s “Defending the Graves.” Much like that short, this one is very much like an old Gahan Wilson cartoon. Enos’s peculiar camera angles help create an odd mood that establishes the idea that Slim Duffy lives in his own world and is incapable of connecting with society. This notion actually adds to the appeal of Duffy and makes his character sympathetic. All of this helps make the film’s final surprise weirdly satisfying. “Defending the Chastity” is a worthy successor to “Defending the Graves.” It also further develops the mythology of one of the strangest characters in all of cinema: Slim Duffy.

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