Defending the Graves (2016) – By Philip Smolen


Slim Duffy (Matt Enos) is a simple man with simple goals. All he wants to do is mow the grass and cut the hedges at the local cemetery. He’s content with his lot in life and knows that he does a good job. But one day Slim sees another man (Mike Urchin) hanging around the cemetery. Slim doesn’t like the other man but every time he starts to approach him, the man runs away. And Slim starts to get worried when he notices that the stranger is carrying a big dangerous-looking shovel…

“Defending the Graves” is a five minute short from writer/director Matt Enos and it asks the simple question how far would you go to get a job? Enos’s film is simple and direct and he quickly sets up its premise in order to create an atmosphere of mystery and tension about the stranger and his shovel. This mystery gives the movie a more powerful climatic punch line that is both humorous and horrible. “Defending the Graves” is a clever and entertaining short that’s very much like an old Gahan Wilson cartoon. It’s both weird and wonderful all at the same time.

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