Defiled (2010) – By Brian Morton

A slasher movie is a slasher movie is a slasher movie. Except when someone manages to bring a bit of new flavor to the extremely worn out sub-genre. In the new movie, Defiled, director Zachary Paul manages to find a new tweak of the slasher movie, and it’s pretty interesting!

Sally seems like a normal girl, in fact, she’s the apple of her parents’ eye, and they believe that she can do no wrong. Well, Sally does have one secret, she loves being abused…well, not abused exactly, Sally has a rape fantasy, and she posts online when she’ll be alone and where she’ll be for any anonymous lovers who want to participate. That’s all well and good (if a bit kinky), until one evening Sally runs across the wrong person, he comes into the house and takes Sally, but this guy returns the next morning to play a game of his own…and dangerous and violent game!

Defiled starts off a bit weak, with the characters being a bit ‘cookie cutter’, the good girl, the bad girl, the clueless parents…but once the story reveals it’s spin with the rape fantasy and the introduction of the ‘rapist’ it really does take off. Defiled then goes from standard slasher fare to something just a bit better, the story picks up, the acting gets a bit better and the movie becomes a bit more than the sum of it’s parts. While this is definitely a low budget movie, it’s still an interesting take on the slasher genre, and adds a bit more sadism into the mix. I’m giving Defiled 3 out of 4 cigars, the story itself is interesting and offers a new spin on the slasher, but there are times when the budget reveals itself, some of the darker scenes are kind of hard to see and there’s definitely some pixilation in the picture. But, if you can get past the small technical issues and like a good slasher movie, then you’ll love Defiled! You can grab a copy for yourself by heading over to