Desert Wedding (2008) – By Brian Morton

 Weddings, if you’re already married then you know the pain, if you’re not then you’ll eventually know it. It’s a day filled with the most stress and the most happiness you’ll ever know, it’s also a day when some brides can become raging monsters, and we’ve all seen the ‘bridezilla’ shows out there. Well, I just got the chance to see a movie that takes wedding days and ‘bridezillas’ and strips them down to what a wedding day is supposed to be about. It’s called Desert Wedding and if it doesn’t affect you, then you might want to check your pulse!

Desert Wedding is the story of Marissa’s wedding day, we see all the bridesmaids getting ready, we see the beautiful scene that the ceremony will take place and everything is wonderfully perfect. On the way to the ceremony, while she’s screaming about her bouquet not being there, something happens that changes Marissa’s outlook on her wedding…and life in general.

I won’t tell you what happens, because that would ruin this perfect little movie. Desert Wedding may be the most powerful short film I’ve ever seen, Dayna Schaaf is perfect as Marissa, she acts privileged and spoiled and the transition that her character takes is an amazing tribute to Ms. Shaaf’s acting ability. Alexandra Fisher has written a story that will have you jumping one second and reflecting on your own life in the next, it’s really an amazing movie! If you have the chance to see Desert Wedding, you better take it, you won’t be disappointed! You can find out more about this cool movie by heading over to the Desert Wedding web page. Trust me, this is one movie that everyone needs to see. So, until next time, when I’ll be going through my own wedding album, remember that the best movies are bad movies.