Devil In The Flesh – By Danny Runion

If watching Rose McGowan prance around in tight tops and skirts is your idea of fun, then this movie ought to be on your must see list. This is far from the first the psychotic teenage girl chasing the older man movie, but Rose McGowan’s performance stands out because she’s running around looking like an escapee from a Brittany Spears video with fewer morals. She definitely cuts her way through a lackluster script with relish. In the scenes when her mother is bad mouthed, you can see the little murderous light bulb flicker over her head. The hardest part to accept is the teacher being slightly less goofy looking than Gabe Kaplan from Welcome Back Kotter being stalked by Rose McGowan.

The plot has been used in every movie of this type. A terrible “accident” claims the lives of Debbie’s parents, and after moving in with her domineering grandmother, Debbie has to handle being the new girl in a new school. Debbie develops more than a crush on one of her teachers, but this is far from a schoolgirl infatuation. This is an attraction which leads to murder as Debbie does everything in her power to win him. As the body count rises, the object of her affections may be her next victim. But, a movie like this doesn’t really need much a plot, just an excuse for prancing around Rose McGowan.