Devil of Blue Mountain (2004) – Jim Morazzini


I’m not sure if this isn’t listed on IMDB because it’s so obscure or because it’s so bad. The director, Joshua P Warren has a page and he proudly includes his film Inbred Rednecks on it, but this one is nowhere to be found. Which may be a good thing.

The film starts with two drunken women leaving a party and getting pulled over by what they think is a cop. Only it’s just same creep in a denim jacket and a bag over his head. But they seem to think he is a cop cause they don’t even scream or try to get away while he cuffs them and tosses them in his trunk.

We are then treated to nearly ten minutes of him driving until he ends up down a dirt road. He lets the girls out of the trunk and binds their ankles so they can barely shuffle and leads them into the woods. We then get nearly an hour of watching them. Seriously, and hour of the three of them walking and occasionally stopping for the night, (and in one case so he can take a dump. No, I’m not kidding.). There’s enough shots of the girls legs and feet during the hike that I’m pretty sure foot fetishism was involved in the making of this film.

Finally he makes the girls undress and ties them to a tree. And no, it’s not what you think, it’s something so freaking stupid I’m almost tempted to spoil it, but I’ll refrain. Let’s just say he could have done this a lot easier with a Craigslist ad.

Apparently this was made for $1000 as the result of a dare, so I kinda have to give props for getting something done on that kind of budget. But really, how hard can it be to film three people walking in the woods? There’s almost no dialogue besides a lot of whimpering from the girls, almost no effects until the very end, no real score and no action scenes. There is a bit of nudity so I suppose he actually paid the actresses but that’s it.

Why did I sit though this? I had heard it was awful, but I’d also heard it was creepy and had an unsettling vibe to it. Sadly it has zero atmosphere or much of anything else unless you have a thing for feet maybe.