Dexter (2007) – By Brian Morton

 Ordinarily, I stick to movies, but once in a while a TV show is just so good that I can’t help myself but to sing it’s praises.  The Showtime series Dexter (which is coming soon to CBS) is just such a show.

If you haven’t heard about Dexter, then be advised, you’re going to love this show!  It hooked my wife and I after the first episode and we can’t wait week to week for the episode.  The premise is pretty simple, Dexter is a serial killer, but he only kills murderers.  Now, that alone might be cool, but Dexter is a serial killer that works for the police, he’s a blood spatter expert for Miami PD.  As a kid Dexter was a foster kid in the care of a cop who, when he discovered young Dexter’s penchant for killing things, decided that, in order to keep his son out of jail, he needed to be taught a code of conduct.  So, Dexter’s code is more strict than that of the police, he must have clear cut evidence that the person he’s about to kill is guilty.<br><br>

Now, all that might sound a bit simple, but Dexter is as complex a show as I’ve ever seen.  It’s mostly drama, so those of you who are looking for guts and gore might be disappointed, but the story is so compelling that you’ll find yourself on the edge of your seat.  The characters are well drawn and great, the acting is superb and the entire show is as addictive as anything I’ve ever seen on TV…and I’m a self-confessed TV-aholic!

Dexter deserves four out of four cigars, and you’ll get your chance soon to see for yourself (if you haven’t already), because Dexter will be on CBS started February 17th at 10pm.  Do yourself a favor, set the VCR, the Tivo, the DVR, tell your friends, take the phone off the hook and enjoy the dark ride!