Die And Let Live (2006) – By Brian Morton

 I used to hear that all zombie movies were alike. The undead rose, the living screamed and many brains were eaten…the end. But then, along came Shaun Of The Dead that took the zombie genre in a completely different direction…comedy! Now we all know that combining comedy and horror may be the hardest thing to do on film…short of making Brad Pitt look like he can actually act…but when it’s done right, it can be great! Well, it’s done right with the new Justin Channell movie, Die And Let Live.

Justin’s last movie, Raising The Stakes took slackers into the vampire genre, this time he takes them into the zombie genre with hysterical results! Here’s the basic story: Benny has a crush on a girl, Stephanie, and desperately wants to impress her, well, after discussing this situation with his buddy, Smalls, the obvious solutions is arrived at…throw a party. Well, little do our hapless heroes know, but a local medical facility has just has a terrible accident and a virus has been released that revives the dead. And, as we all know, nothing kills a party more than the undead arriving. Now, that’s the basic story, but there’s so much more here. The characters are hilarious, but still realistic, and when the zombies are attacking the party, I couldn’t stop laughing as the group takes the time to discuss where the pizza was ordered! For a low budget movie, the effects are great too.

Die And Let Live is the best low budget zombie movie I’ve seen in ages! The zombie aspect isn’t played down at all in favor of the comedy and there’s no predicting who will die and who will live, even if you think you might know. And I have to admit, I loved the end of this movie, over the closing credits, we see the lone survivor sitting awaiting his fate while enjoying that pizza that they all discussed and worked so hard to get back from the zombies…it’s a silent piece, but still speaks to the attitude of this whole film! The characters are complete slackers and are willing to roll with whatever punches life throws at them…even if it’s the undead rising from the grave to attempt to eat them. I’m giving Die And Let Live four out of four cigars, because, aside from Shaun, I’ve yet to see another zombie flick that still manages to be a comedy and throw in a bit of romance to boot, without short changing any of the genres it inhabits. If you’d like to check this superior movie out for yourself, drop over to the Die And Let Live MySpace Page to see how you can get this for yourself…you won’t be disappointed! So, until next time, when I’ll pitch you my idea of a mixed genre movie, we’ll mix a typical chick flick with a slasher movie, I think it’ll star Debra Winger as a woman with a terrible terminal disease who has to run for her life because her doctor is a hockey masked serial killer, until then remember that the best movies are bad movies.