Die Die Delta Pi (2014) – By Kirsten Walsh

“In late 1980s, when times were fun, technology was changing, clothes were Rad and girls were Bad; there was one thing that didn’t change, traditions. Delta Pi, a long-lasting sorority institution in the heart of Tampa, Florida, keeps that tradition “alive”…until late 1986 Spring Break when a serial killer was just coming to light.

When a group of Delta Pi Sisters decide to pull a prank on one of their own; a Sister they hate, a Sister who’s smarter than they are, prettier and too young to be part of the Delta Pi group; a prank that goes horribly wrong, fatally wrong during a traditional Spring Break ceremonial burning of the House Mother dummy to start the new season.

It was supposed to be an embarrassing moment for Marissa Chambers in the hopes that she would step down as a member of the sorority, but that doesn’t happen. After being burned to death, the serial killer strikes with dire consequences. A serial killer that may or may not be related to Marissa.

It was a gruesome and devastating time for Sun State University. Almost half of the Delta Pi Sorority were wiped out. Was it a vengeful killing or were they at the right place at the wrong time? After the killings, the sorority had to be shut down, a first in the long running tradition of the exclusive group.

27 years later, the house reopens and new Sisters are elected. When Delta Pi girls begin dying one by one, it is suspected that the serial killer has returned but it’s much more than that. The Burnt One has come. Die Die Delta Pi!”

A cheesy throwback to the 80’s golden era slasher films, “Die Die Delta Pi” is a fun journey that takes the viewer into the sorority house of a bunch of soon to be dead vixens. Directors Sean Donohue and Chris Leto set up a romp with blood and guts along the way. With the filmmakers having a following in Tampa, Florida, several of the jokes seem like inside jokes that they have established with their prior films, but still maintains an overall good storyline.

One thing this film carries over from the obvious films that inspired it was the use of needless nudity throughout. This film is definitely one that male viewers will enjoy- if not only for the fact that the film follows a sorority the whole film! With a bang flashback start, the film shows the incident that started it all- a fire, a girl burned alive, and a vengeful slasher who kills everyone they come across (By the way, this isn’t really spoiling anything. It happens in the first twenty minutes of the film.)

After that goes down, the film takes a slow pace as we are introduced to the modern day sorority. From there, a half hour establishing of the characters take place. We meet the cops around the area (one of whom was a sorority member back in the day), the mother of the lead (who also was in the sorority), the lead- Diana- and all of her friends, and then the rest of the sorority. The normal stereotypes of bitchy blondes are ditched for bubble butts and air heads, and the small group of male friends Diana has take on more of a victim quality.

An hour in, the blood starts to pour out and bodies start dropping. The deaths are inventive and creative, with all practical effects being used. Decapitations, stabbings, chokings, and shootings all highlight the production quality within the film, making the cheesy dialogue and relentless screaming worth listening too.

The acting quality of the ensemble varies, with some quite experienced actors in cameo roles, and some obvious beginners throughout the film. Ultimately, they balance out, and add humor in where it wouldn’t be otherwise expected. The cinematography works, but the handheld is a bit more shaky in certain parts- especially parts of high action. At points, blurriness clouds some of the more close shots, but that doesn’t detract with the quick cuts and pulling into focus.

This was a fun film that looks like it was a blast to be a part of, and will no doubt keep the filmmakers busy with projects, and maybe a sequel?

Would I watch this film again? Yeah, I would add it into the cheesy section of slasher films, but it definitely is enjoyable.

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