Dinoshark (2010) – By Brian Morton

I have to admit, for those of us who love ‘bad’ movies; SyFy and Roger Corman have found the correct formula for their movies. Here it is:

1- Monster escapes imprisonment/thaws out
2- Monster kills someone…credits roll
3- Switch to Mexico, where vacationers frolic in bikinis
4- Hero is introduced as rough yet loveable bad boy
5- Love interest is introduced as hot chick with a brain
6- Hero’s friend is killed by monster
7- Hero vows revenge on monster
8- Authority figures don’t believe hero when he explains the monster
9- Monster reveals himself to everyone
10 – Hero goes on trail of revenge
11 – Hero and monster meet and fight
12 – Monster is defeated by Hero
13 – Monster’s progeny/siblings are unveiled, setting up sequel

That’s basically the rundown of all of these movies, and it’s no different with Dinoshark. And, while you might think that the formula would ruin the movie, instead it adds to the experience of enjoying the grade B goodness. Here are the particulars for Dinoshark:

Eric Balfour plays our hero, a Navy washout who’s returned to his Mexican home to work for a living. Iva Hasperger plays a water polo coaching, ocean expert who’s working in Mexico. When Balfour’s friend is eaten by the prehistoric monster, he vows revenge and takes to the sea to find the monster and kill it…which eventually, we all know he’ll do. The beauty of Dinoshark is the sheer joy of it, everyone here is just having fun, making a movie that we all know isn’t meant to be taken seriously. Roger Corman even shows up as an expert in prehistoric sea creatures who helps identify the monster and tell the hero how to kill it!

If you love these kinds of movies, you’ll love Dinoshark, and it makes a very cool double-feature with Sharktopus (another SyFy/Corman production). I’m giving Dinoshark 4 out of 4 cigars, it’s a ton of fun, and if you love B movies, this one will be right up your alley. If this were the 70s, Dinoshark would be showing at a drive in near you! Dive in and swim with the prehistoric beastie by heading over to http://www.anchorbayent.com.