Dirty Little Billy (1972) – By Charles Rector

Dirty Little Billy is a revisionist look at the life and legend of William Bonney aka Billy the Kid. The real life Kid was a psycho who killed men in cold blood for no good reason. The Kid in this flick is a wimpy slacker who gets shaky whenever he attempts to pull the trigger. Pollard’s Billy the Kid is nothing more than a glorified sissy who inadvertently makes a name for himself as a gunfighter.

After getting his accidental start as a gunfighter, the Kid latches on to a pimp named Goldie (Richard Evans). Goldie’s chief prostitute is Berle (Lee Purcell). Neither Goldie or Berle add much to the movie since they are shallow characters played by untalented hacks.

Dirty Little Billy is a grossly unrealistic depiction of the Old West and of Billy the Kid’s role in it. The real life Kid was a ruthless cold blooded killer who recorded his first victim at age 12 and by his death at 21 had killed 21 men, one for each year he lived. The Kid in this worthless flick is a punk who accidentally kills people and who does his killing in a way that is not the least bit funny, even though Dirty Little Billy is clearly aiming at being a frontier comedy. Had the real life Kid been anything like Michael J. Pollard’s depiction of him, he would not have lasted 2 days of outlawry and would have died forgotten as just another stupid lawbreaker. You just have to roll your eyes about just how ridiculous this scenario is.

Dirty Little Billy is a Western flick that is a prime example of the kind of dreck that led to the downfall of the Western movie genre. Its story exhibits the worst kind of historical inaccuracy while adding nothing in terms of cinematography, direction or any other kind of redeeming characteristics. It is most definitely not recommended.