Diseaster (2011) – By Josh Samford

Sometimes a movie is made or broken, especially for the audience, during the titling stage. A good or a bad title can either lead viewers to your film or it can prove to be a heavy distraction. As someone who enjoys a good pun, I have to admit that I was on-board with our film today as soon as I heard the name Diseaster. A short film from the Netherlands, Diseaster is a no-brow attempt at making bunny rabbits scary (but in a funny way). Does it succeed? In my humble opinion, it does so with ease.

Diseaster tells the story of a tightly woven carrot-farming family unit living on the outskirts of nowhere. The patriarch of the family is a religious fanatic who uses his place to bully around his wife and take potshots at their son, who is inflicted with Down Syndrome. The young son watches on in a state of peaceful bliss as his father hunts for rabbits during the day using his very unique crossbow that utilizes carrots for ammunition. After an accident occurs where a toxic chemical is spilled on their property, a bunny rabbit is infected with a virus that causes him to triple in size and it unleashes a horrifying thirst for human blood!

Clocking in at thirty minutes in length, Diseaster certainly has its ups and downs. The pacing can be a bit off at times, but the fun moments lift the project up and truly makes it stand out. Using some rather corny CGI (which serves as an intentional bit of unintentional comedy), this isn’t your average Troma inspired piece of b-horror. Delving into moments of gore and grue, director Boki Mekel shows an affinity and true love for this genre even when he is delving deep into the silliest of plot devices. These silly plot moments are part of what keeps the movie going at times. The carrot-loaded crossbow is one of the standout items within the movie. It is fun because the filmmakers never clue us into any reasoning for his carrot-ammunition. Surely a rabbit will try to run from anything being hurled at it with a ridiculous amount of force and speed, even if it is a carrot. Yet, for some reason within this strange world of Diseaster – this is a common weapon and thus treated like a rational concept.

There are many ridiculous and fun moments throughout the short running time, including the sequences between the mentally-disabled neighbor character that the smoking-hot mother character has an attraction to. Strange barely describes this one, but it does always remain fun. Diseaster can be found at its official website via: