DisOrientation (2012) – By Josh Samford

The world of college comedies is fairly crowded, so it takes a lot to make a name for yourself within such a vast marketplace. Ever since the release of Animal House, we have seen college comedy after college comedy, with very little variation in between. Especially since the release of American Pie, the American marketplace has seen a large resurgence in youth oriented comedies. With this resurgence has come more interest in vulgar sex jokes and a newly acquired sense of random humor. DisOrientation is only the latest in a long string of silly college comedies to float down the pipeline and hit Rogue Cinema. Although it is a title that seems to have a great deal of familiar content, it does manage to establish itself due to the very accomplished feel of the film and the inclusion of at least one celebrity cameo (from Richard Moll). However, as with any film of this type, the real question is: how funny is it? Well, mileage is going to vary (as with any comedy), but for the most part DisOrientation is a fun little romp no matter who you are.

Finn (Eric Toms) is your requisite college party animal. He has made himself a “professional student,” and believes that the best way to soak up the college experience is to party away every single night he spends on campus. For the past few semesters, however, he has been saddled with some very unfortunate roommates. Things seems to be looking up for Finn when he is paired up with Toby (Todd Gaebe), a 15 year old genius who is extremely quiet and generally spends all of his time by himself. This seems a blessing for Finn, but Toby is close to insanity due to Finn’s outrageous behavior. Eventually Finn takes Toby under his wing and introduces him to the partying lifestyle. Toby finally warms up to Finn, but these two run into trouble with the local football jock Landon (Darrel Cherney), and Finn’s grades are so poor that if he doesn’t make straight As on his mid-term then he will be expelled from school!

As that plot synopsis might tell you, this is a movie that runs off of archetypes. Despite the fact that I enjoyed the film and had a good time, I can’t deny this fact. From the very start of the movie, it is understood where the direction of this story is leading us and what we can expect. In particular, the geeky roommate concept is taken to new heights. It’s a bit too over-the-top and comes across as a bit distracting, to be honest. I am often of the opinion that in today’s society, where geek chic has poured out into the mainstream, it doesn’t make sense to portray nerds in the same way that nerds were represented during the eighties. Nearly every person walking around in the United States has a Facebook account, and we are all quite well versed in internet technology, but in the world that this film takes place in only nerds are on computers. Yet, this is an archetype, and our film is in love with representing characters that we have seen in cinema many times over.

Despite the utter predictability of the story, there are numerous moments where the insanity of the production steps out and inspires some truly laugh-out-loud moments. One of the best bits in the entire movie epitomizes this, as we see our lead character go on a binge of lunacy that shows him vomiting out a fountain that covers his face, chugging beer and vomit from a hooker, urinating so heavily that it covers his own face, and then paying a hooker who may very well be a man so that he can go down him/her. This entire sequence is so offensive and ridiculous that it defines the humor for the rest of the movie. Although the rest of the movie rarely delves into this brand of gross-out humor, the fact that the movie spares three or four minutes for something this insane is reason enough for me to like the movie overall. I know that I certainly had a good time with DisOrientation, even if it isn’t the most intelligent comedy I have ever come across. If you’re interested, you can read more about the film via its official Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/DisOrientation-The-Movie/129723837085685 and the official IMDB page http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1743994