Distant Dawn (2011) – By Brian Morton

Matt Enos is either a genius or quite disturbed! I say that because his new short, Distant Dawn, has so much going on in it, that it’s either a genius packing everything into an 11 minute running time or a madman who has too much in his head and it all needs to get out!!

Distant Dawn isn’t really a narrative piece, so there’s no real story to relay here. But, after opening with a horrific cannibal scene, it moves on through so many different scenes that your head is gonna be spinning…mine was. In fact, I had to rewatch the movie several time just to remind myself of what I had just seen!

Each bleak scene seems filled with pain and angst…the dawn for these people is indeed distant! With it’s short running time, there’s a ton to get through here, it’s definitely one of those movies you need to see to understand…but it’s one you’ll want to get to know better!

I’m giving Distant Dawn 3 out of 4 cigars, it’s dark and it’s painful…but then, so is life, isn’t it? You can put this into your own brain by heading over to http://vimeo.com/23561976.