Divination (2013) – By Misty Layne

Supernatural forces collide when madness meets magic in Divination. Jason is a young, successful artist married to the lovely Jessica. They’re filled with joy at their first pregnancy and the uncanny return of their mysterious friend, Dee. But Jason is tormented by Fear continually whispering nightmares and horrific visions into his mind. As he descends deeper into madness an intervention is made by the powerful angel, Joshua, and his eager assistant, Daniel.

I’m not sure I can honestly agree with the summary provided on the DVD box here. While there are angels and Fear and a pregnancy, Jason didn’t seem to be so much descending into madness with the angels intervening. The above sounds like a slightly different film. This is another faith based film by Bridgestone Multimedia Group and while it has its good points, this has so far been my least favorite out of their selections, which is a shame because there was a good story here and some really wicked cool fight scenes.

Jason and Jessica are pregnant with their first child and seem to be on the Christian side of things (although Jessica has a pagan past). They’re, of course, super excited but mysterious things start going on. Jason is taunted by Fear (who is played by Tucker Boggio) but Jessica is also “spoken” to by demons. Then there’s Dee who reappears after a long absence. She and Jessica are close friends but there’s something a little off about Dee and what exactly that is becomes clearer as the film goes on, especially when she encourages Jessica to revisit her pagan past with a little spell casting.

Joshua (Phillipp Aurand) and Daniel (James Grixoni) suddenly appear one day to guard Jessica and Jason’s house. Here’s where things became a little unclear to me as I couldn’t figure out why they were guarding the house. Maybe I missed something somewhere? Sure there were demons/Fear lurking around but technically (if you go by Christian theology at least) we’re all tempted/taunted by demons, etc. in various forms a lot of the time. So why this house and this couple? This couple didn’t strike me as super Christians (again, I’m only guessing that they were on the Christ side of things). There didn’t seem to be anything special about them and it didn’t seem like Jessica was giving birth to the Antichrist or anything. The movie was definitely a bit convoluted unfortunately. Another unfortunate was that the angels have some really wicked awesome fight scenes with demons that would have been amazing. Unfortunately the directors/editors/whoever decided to add CGI to these scenes to give it a bit of a Matrix feel and it distracted rather than added to the film.

The plot doesn’t seem to really follow any linear path so while I had a general idea of what was going on, at times I was confused. Plus the film really is too long (or seemed that way as its only 99 minutes). While I love the idea they had here (I’m a sucker for good vs. evil plotlines), the idea could have been executed in a much, much better way. Unfortunately, this isn’t a movie I can highly recommend. While I never mind some artistic imagery and a little vagueness, this film left me with way too many questions for what should have been clear cut, not to mention the ending was anti-climactic at best.

If you are interested in checking this out, you can find out more about Divination at their website.