Doc Savage #2 (2014) – By Jason S. Lockard

Doc Savage is known as The Man of Bronze. When Dynamite Comics said they were bringing back Doc Savage for all new adventure this excited me! Because I wasn’t around for his first run and those issue are impossible to come by! So Issue #1 was pretty good can Issue #2 going to follow suit! Let’s take a look!

In Issue #2 the year is 1949, and Doc Savage and his allies return from adventures to find danger waiting for them to home. Someone has discovered the "Crime College," a hidden hospital where Doc cures prisoners of their criminal tendencies. Before long Doc is confronted with a hard choice between the greater good and the life of his own cousin, Patricia Savage.

Writer Chris Roberson and Artist Bilquis Evely have weaved an even better issue #2 than #1 was! I have great hopes for this comic book! If it keeps getting better this could be the best comic series from Dynamite!

So if you haven’t check out The Man of Bronze I say, What are you waiting for?! For only $3.99 it’s not bad at all! Head over to to learn more about this release.

Moral Rating: Violence
Audience: Teens and adults.
Genre: Comic Book
Released: 2014
Rating: A+