Dog House: The Complete Series (2005) – By Jason S. Lockard


Good clean fun for the whole family is a hard thing to find this day in age. Until now! Mill Creek Entertainment releases the complete series of Doghouse on DVD.

This series follows a police detective named Digby who when he was involved in a car accident his is transported into the body of his St. Bernard partner Spot. Digby now lives with his sister-in-law and her kids. With Digby in the house let the comical adventures begin. This series stars Bodie the St. Bernard from the movie Steel Magnolias.

This 2 disc DVD set not only includes all 26 episodes of the series but also the Pilot movie. The audio and video quality of the movie and episodes are stellar. The series is a bit more for the younger viewers, but I think teens and adults can find some fun in this series.

If you are looking for a series that will keep your young ones entertained this is definatly one to pick up! So head over to or your local video provider and pick this one up today!

Moral Rating: mild violence
Audience: teens and adults
Genre: scifi, action, adventure, comedy drama
Length: 10 hours
DVD Release: 2015
DVD Rating: A+