Don’t Let Him In (2011) – By Brian Morton

Foreign horror is always a touchy subject. If you’re not familiar with the customs of the culture, you can easily get lost. Well, that’s not really the cast with Don’t Let Him In. It’s a British horror film, but we here in the U.S. should be pretty familiar with British customs and slang by this point…don’t you think. The problem with Don’t Let Him In isn’t cultural; it’s more in the fact that, as a slasher/serial killer movie, it just never finds its feet.

A group of people head to the country to get away from it all for the weekend. A young couple, his sister and her current boyfriend (who’s she’s only know for a day!), the foursome soon find out that there’s a killer on the loose in the area, he’s known as the ‘tree surgeon’, because he hangs his victims body parts from local trees! Now, I know that you know that it isn’t long before our foursome come under attack from the mysterious killer and are fighting for their lives.

The real issue with Don’t Let Him In is that I wasn’t really sure who NOT to let in, there’s plenty of miscues thrown, but some of those turn out to not be miscues at all…there’s more than one killer on the loose here, but we’re not really sure why some of them are killing people! The ending is interesting, but it came as too little too late for me, I was already confused and annoyed by the time the big finale finally came.

I’m giving Don’t Let Him In 2 out of 4 cigars, its okay if your expectations are set low, but if you’re hoping for something a bit original…then look somewhere else! Visit the country for yourself by heading over to