Doobius Sources (2016) – By Jim Morazzini


Fake news has been the topic of headlines lately which makes the stoner comedy Doobius Sources somewhat timely if nothing else. This tale of two constantly stoned journalists trying to take down some corrupt politicians while avoiding somebody they libeled in a previous story wants to be a Cheech and Chong version of All The President’s Men but sadly it’s not quite up to the task.

Zorn Tappadapo (Jason Weissbrod) and Reginald Block-Hunsleigh (Jeff Lorch) are two constantly wasted freelance reporters who’s specialty is pulling off “stings” that they can sell to local tv. One of which, using a fake personal ad to lure straight guys into gay hotel room encounters has backfired badly and has framed tough guy Magnus Martindale (Joe Cortese) out for violent revenge. But when TV reporter, Ky Kittridge (Creagen Dow) approaches them with a plan to take down some corrupt politicians they have a shot at redemption.

The most obvious problem the film has is it’s length, at 102 minutes it’s just to long and drags at several points, a bit more editing would certainly help the film. Secondly, given the title one would expect the herbal aspects to be more central to the film’s plot, they’re constantly firing up joints and acting stoned, but apart from it making them paranoid to the point they film each other as much as their subjects, most of it could be removed without affecting the plot. Plus the constant filming of each other means long stretches of the film resemble a found footage outing, not a good thing for me.

On the other hand it does get in some great jabs at tv news and shady journalism as well as politicians. There’s a great scene where they defend tricking people and using them in their stories, I can actually believe the same conversations going on at TMZ, Inside Edition or Fox News. The cast is also good and does what they can with the material, but when it keeps falling to the level of a woman walking through one of their videos being labeled a “random moisty” it’s hard to really score laughs.

Doobius Sources did well at several cannabis related film festivals, (yes they exist), it was the Denver Film Society’s 4-20 Special Selection and won the Golden Leaf at the Maine Cannabis Film Festival. It will be available on iTunes and VOD outlets in the US and Canada via Gravitas Ventures starting January 17th and a week’s run at Hollywood’s Arena Cinelounge starting January 20th. I’m fairly sure it will go over a lot better with those ordering it up on VOD and watching while hitting the bong than it did with me who had to stay sober for my review.