Doorways and Meander (2010) – By Brian Morton

Every once in a while I come across a movie that I only marginally understand. Well, Doorways and Meander is one of those, it looks great, the acting is top notch but the story is a bit convoluted and hard to follow…and I’m a simple man.

Meander is a man wandering in the desert, both figuratively and literally. When we first meet Meander, he seems to be a fairly normal guy with a girlfriend, but as we get to know Meander more, we begin to realize that he’s a man with demons. Demons that drive him to murder, but as the movie further unfolds we’re led to the conclusion that maybe all this is just in Meander’s mind. Is this tale of wanderlust and violence real or all in Meander’s delusion? I guess you’ll have to grab the movie to find out for yourself.

Doorways and Meander is part horror movie, part art film…leaning more toward the art film than the horror. I’m giving Doorways and Meander 2 out of 4 cigars, it’s a bit convoluted and hard to follow in places, but it looks amazing and the performances are good. You can find out more for yourself by heading over to