Down Time (2013) – By Brian Morton

Sometimes fate intervenes and we’re not even sure that it did. Well, that’s the philosophy (sort of) behind a new short from Magnificent Waste and Amos Efrat, called Down Time.

A group of slackers (for lack of a better term) gather daily to talk and smoke, they talk about life and philosophy and generally nothing. They don’t have much going on, so they spend a lot of time thinking of things to do, and examining things that have happened for deeper meanings. When one of them runs into a couple of would-be thugs, who have a ‘sure thing’ lined up, things are bound to get complicated. Then, add in to the mix, a bartender who’s more interested in socializing than actual work and you’ve got yourself a recipe for potential disaster.

Down Time is an interesting short that offered up a lot of interesting potential, but never really delivered on it. There was a lot of discussion about an experiment with a pack of cigarettes that, honestly, when it was implemented, I didn’t understand. Then, there’s the crime that’s discussed and never really executed, and it all revolves around a group of people who seem to be more interested in talking than about doing…and maybe that’s the point of the whole movie. Maybe Down Time is more about the fact that today’s younger generation is all about ideas and about concepts and not as interested in execution. We have three groups of people, all of whom have potential and ideas, but none of whom have anything really going on in reality.

Down Time isn’t about what’s going on in these people’s lives, it’s more about what could go on, but doesn’t. It’s about having a life versus just talking about a life. It’s an interesting movie and one that, at first, I wondered what was going on…but on reflection, I got it!

I’m giving Down Time 3 out of 4 cigars, it’s a movie that will make you think, so if you’re about action rather than words, you might think again. But, if you’re like the people in the movie…and me…then you might just get it! Find out more over at