Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine (1965) – By Duane L. Martin


Dr. Goldfoot (Vincent Price) has come up with an evil plan, as most villains do.  He’s invented a machine that pumps out robotic replicas of beautiful women, and then he sends those girls to marry rich men, after which they get these men to sign over all of their assets to them, which are then in turn signed over to Dr. Goldfoot.  His main target in this film is a rich playboy named Todd Armstrong (Dwayne Hickman).  Susan Hart plays Number 11, the robot who’s sent to seduce him.  Unfortunately for Dr. Goldfoot and his plans however, she mistakenly meets up with a guy named Craig Gamble (Frankie Avalon), a bumbling, girl crazy agent who works for Secret Intelligence Command, or SIC for short.  When the mistake is realized by Dr. Goldfoot and she’s sent after the right target, Craig can’t get her out of his mind.  His efforts to get her back and later to help Todd Armstrong lead him to discover the nefarious plot that had been hatched by Dr. Goldfoot.  Now they just had to figure out a way to stop him before it’s too late.

I’ve been waiting for this release for months now, and I can’t tell you how delighted I was to finally receive it.  I’ve owned this film on an MGM DVD for many years now, and it’s always been one of my favorite films.  Now that I have it on blu-ray from Kino Lorber, it’s even more enjoyable.

So what’s so great about this film?  Well, pretty much everything.  First off, it’s got Vincent Price in one of those silly, comedic roles that he was always so brilliant at playing.  Then you take him, and place him in a film that’s full of cartoonish fun and surround him with people like Dwayne Hickman, Frankie Avalon, Susan Hart and Jack Mullaney, who plays his bumbling assistant Igor, and you couldn’t ask for more.  The great thing about this film is that it does give you more.  You get beautiful girls, wild chase scenes, cartoonish humor and cameo appearances from Annette Funicello, Harvey Lembeck, Deborah Walley and Alberta Nelson, all of whom appeared in the beach movies with Frankie Avalon.

Even though the film is silly, the plot actually makes sense…if you assume that every guy on Earth completely loses his senses and turns into a brainless, horny little idiot every time he’s around a beautiful girl.  It’s probably not too far from the truth, but it’s taken to an extreme level in this film, which is why Craig and Todd get taken in so easily by a beautiful robot.

Some of the key things to watch for in this film:

Frankie Avalon’s reaction to stepping on a cat’s tail while he’s at Dr. Goldfoot’s funeral home.  I swear, every time I watch this film I rewind that and watch it at least five or more times, and I’m busting up the whole time.  It’s the most hilarious reaction I’ve ever seen to anything in any movie, and just ridiculously stupid.

Todd and Craig trying to get away from Dr. Goldfoot on a motor scooter, riding through the streets of San Fransisco.  The scale on the background film they’re riding in front of is way off, so they look tiny compared to all the cars and other stuff they’re passing.

Vincent Price getting punched twice by Igor’s briefcase trap.  If you watch the punches, it looks like he’s getting smacked pretty hard, but he takes it like a boss and just goes on with the scene.

A recreation of the pendulum scene in The Pit and the Pendulum, complete with the same style of dungeon and Vincent Price wearing the costume he wore in that film for no explicable reason.

This new release from Kino Lorber looks amazing, sounds great, and for special features it includes audio commentary with film historian David Del Valle and David DeCoteau, as well as an animated montage of the “Bikini Bots” stills and trailers for other Vincent Price films.

This is a film that I always recommend to people, and now that Kino Lorber’s done it up right by cleaning it and putting it on blu-ray, it’s better than ever.  This film is one you NEED to add to your collection if you don’t already have it.  It’s nothing but fun from start to finish.

If you’d like to find out more about this release, you can check out its page on the Kino Lorber website here: http://www.kinolorber.com/video.php?id=2161