Dreaming Purple Neon (2016) – By Shari K. Green


Directed by: Todd Sheets
Starring: Jeremy Edwards, Eli DeGeer, Millie Milan, Grant Conrad, Jack McCord

Genre: Horror
Run Time: 1h 50mins

The opening sequence to “Dreaming Purple Neon” throws you off a bit. It’s an interesting clip that conjures an image of “Pulp Fiction”. Similar in many ways, you’re pretty certain that the characters you’re getting to know are going to start waxing philosophical about passages in the bible and what they suddenly mean to them. What you instead encounter is an alarming change of direction to one of the most brutal and disgusting films of its kind. It’s incredibly macabre and savage and makes one feel tarnished for having seen it; exactly the way writer/director Todd Sheets planned for you to feel. Having forty-two directing credits to him name, with titles such as “Zombie Rampage”, “Zombie Bloodbath” and more recently “Grindsploitation” which is an exploitation compilation made up from different directors all over the world, he knows a little something about the genre. If you like horror, you’re going to appreciate Sheets and you’re going to thoroughly enjoy “Dreaming Purple Neon.”

Like a film that is more sexually driven where you don’t expect award winning acting, the performances are more or less flat but that’s to be expected and possibly part of its… charm? It’s supposed to be cheesy and it is. The first thirty minutes is more set up than anything but once you get into the rest of the movie the gore doesn’t stop. It gets very graphic with flesh eaters, rituals sacrifices, torture, creepy dolls and to top it off we have a drill in keister. A word of warning, not that you really need it… if you’re already contemplating watching this, you’re probably not worried about it, but there is plenty of female and male nudity as it better sells the sacrifices which you’ll want to try and block-out of your memory after having watched.

I applaud Sheets for getting this large of a cast and crew together to make what amounts to be an epic in this class of film. The work that went into the lighting, the quick shots, editing and make-up were no small feet and what he has accomplished should be applauded and watched. If a yarn selling the ‘Elixir of Hell’ to bring back the queen of the demons sounds like your kind of film, don’t miss this occult laden, blood soaked, virtue stealing movie. The love story Sheets adds to the twist doesn’t really work but as you listen to and watch scenes of people eating their own entrails; it’s truly hard to concentrate on anything else.

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