Drive-In Horror Show: Comic (2012) – By Josh Samford

While writing for Rogue Cinema, I have been lucky enough to cover a broad spectrum of media forms. I have written, of course, about various film genres, but I have also done animated movies as well. I have written book reviews, and even covered online serials. However, up until now, I have never reviewed a comic! This changes with the new addition to the Drive-In Horror Show media brand, who have taken their anthology film and moved it into a very different direction. As a big fan of the original anthology film, I was excited to experience the comic and see if it was a work that was equally as creative. For a short answer, I will simply say: yes, yes it is.

I don’t think a plot synopsis is entirely necessary for this book, as it would only take away from its effectiveness. Essentially, the book works in the same style as the movie. We have a drive-in theater that targets the ghouls and ghosts of a post-apocalyptic world, and this theater shows various horror movies. This first comic only displays one story, but it is insanely creepy! The plot found in the comic certainly matches the quality that was found in the original anthology film, and it certainly roots both projects even more firmly in a world that resembles something from the EC Comics brand. The artwork present in the book is very eerie, and doesn’t appear interested in going for total realism or gore. Instead, there’s an artistic flare found in the book that distinguishes itself. The book is also printed on thick paper, with very glossy ink, so it generally looks very classy.

I am not entirely sure what the plan is for the Drive-In Horror Show comic, but I would sincerely love to see it turn into a regular series that I could pick up at my local comic shop. The stories would no doubt provide the ghoulish atmosphere that horror is often missing in this day and age, so hopefully someone jumps on the bandwagon and we get to see more of these. If you’d like to read more about this project and many others, check out the official Drive-In Horror Show website: